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Leeport Tools Ltd.

WSX445 Series  Low Cutting Resistance Face Milling Cutter

AJX Series  High Feed Roughing Cutter

APX3000 Series  Low Cutting Resistance Milling Cutter

SUF/SRF Series  High Precision Finishing Cutter

MP735 Series  Insert for Stainless Steel

UE6120 Series  Insert for Mold Steel

IMX Series  Changeable Head Milling Cutter

VFPSRB-SP Series  High Precision Corner Radius Cutter

MP Series  High Precision Ball Endmill

NC Tooling Systems
NT Tool Corporation is a global manufacturer and supplier of precision NC tooling systems. It provides leading-edge technology and quality tooling systems to customers. 

Precision Jigs and Parts
Nabeya Co., Ltd. is a Japanese manufacturer of precision jigs and parts, machine vises, precision surface plates, etc. The company is committed to contributing to the manufacturing industry by establishing higher effectiveness products and advanced technology to customers.